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Targeted Donations
Targeted donation options include:



Gift planning is a way to benefit HHRF while providing tax benefits and income for you. Because gift planning involves your assets, philanthropic goals and family needs, we strongly suggest you consult your attorney or financial planner before entering into any planned gifts.

Read how gift planning may increase your tax savings Here.

Bequests are gifts made through a will or codicil—a simple amendment to a will. They allow you to make a statement of support for HHRF now, while ensuring that our programs continue in the future. Every dollar given through a bequest is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes.

• A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract between you and HHRF: you make a gift of cash, stocks or bonds, or life insurance and we will pay you a specified annuity each year for life. A charitable gift annuity provides income for life for you (part of which is tax-free), an immediate tax deduction, elimination of capital gains tax on sale of gifts of appreciated property, and/or elimination or reduction of estate tax.

Charitable Trusts use cash, stocks or bonds, real estate or life insurance. A charitable remainder trust is established for the life of the individual(s) or for a term of years, after which the principal goes to support HHRF. With a charitable lead trust, annual income is paid to HHRF and the appreciated assets in the trust are transferred to your heirs or beneficiaries at the end of the trust’s term.

Please contact KC Henry via the Feedback Form or call (440) 543-8306 to learn more.

Corporate Giving and Cause Related Marketing:  Corporations and foundations may support Horses and Humans Research Foundation through annual gifts, cause-related marketing initiatives and program grants. They may also choose to underwrite special events. Recognition opportunities are tailored to the donor’s wishes.

Please contact KC Henry via the Feedback Form or call (440)543-8306 to learn more. We will be happy to explore ways that your company can join HHRF.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

To make a tribute gift in memory of a loved one or friend or honoring a special person or occasion, please go through the General Donation process, and note that the gift is memorial/honorary in the spaces provided on the donation form.

Memorial and honorary gifts are accepted for animal friends as well - a wonderful way to honor your favorite therapy horse or memorialize your equine friend.

HHRF will gladly send a letter to the family of the deceased or to the honoree acknowledging your thoughtful donation (Please note that the contribution amount is not disclosed). Once the gift is received we will send you a confirmation of donation for your tax purposes. Please visit the General Donation section to get started.

Please contact KC Henry via the Feedback Form to learn more.

Choose the Donate button below for Honorary or Memorial donations:


Click Here to send HHRF Specific Information about your Honorary or Memorial Donations.  Fill out your Name, Email Address and Zip Code, and use the Comment Form at the Bottom, then click Submit.

Workplace Giving and Employee giving programsMany companies offer a matching gift program. Contact your Human Resources Department or Matching Gift Coordinator to see if your company will match your contribution to Horses and Humans Research Foundation.

Please contact KC Henry via the Feedback Form to learn more.


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